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People Are Afraid

People are afraid. People are afraid that they might get infected. People are afraid that other people would treat them as untouchables if they get infected. People are afraid of the term untouchable because we have used that term against a section of our society for a very long time. 😦 Now, people are afraid… Continue reading People Are Afraid

Musings/Opinionated Articles

Why the Endings of Shows like GOT, HIMYM, Chuck make sense?

GOT ended this week and so did The Big Bang Theory. But where people are applauding the ending of the latter, the ending of GOT (the entire season for some) is facing a huge criticism everywhere. Even the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes didn't give them some slack and the writers, who are responsible for the… Continue reading Why the Endings of Shows like GOT, HIMYM, Chuck make sense?

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Why I love Quora and why you should see it too?

Unsplash As a writer, I started writing to express my self. To tell what otherwise ruminates inside the confines of my cerebrum. But soon, the notes section of my mobile was not enough. I wanted to tell stories to people and hence, I made this blog. It started with rants about what's happening around me;… Continue reading Why I love Quora and why you should see it too?


What’s Wrong with this World?

It’s sad that it’s still relevant.

Love, Laugh, and Live - Ataraxissoul

Well, everything is OK with the world. It’s just the attitude of its dwellers which is shifting, or frankly speaking, is going down the hill.

Here is an example.

A person “A” was laughing while sitting on a bench. It wasn’t an insane laugh, just a normal one. More of a smile, I suppose.
Oh sorry, where was I, yeah, A was smiling. Just then a person “B” passed by the bench and was totally irked.

“Why are you laughing like this?” B interrupted A with its frustration.

“Excuse me! Do I know you?” A was shocked on reception of such demeanour.

“So, you need to know me to answer me? Are you a VVIP, you superfluous ass?” B was going out of proportion.

“Hey, hey! Mind your tone.” the shock was now turning into irritation.

“Oh! You have a problem with how I speak too. Is this because of my…

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