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Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)

Arranged marriages can be complicated at times. Even today, two people get tied for eternity even without knowing each other.And a communication gap ensues.However, love or arranged, a marriage requires love to blossom beautifully. And who said love can't be found in an arranged marriage? It can if both the people are commited to make it… Continue reading Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)


Origin Stories are often Dark

Me - I think I should become an actor. Friend - Hahaha, Log hasenge.. (People will laugh) Me:- A comic actor. F:- Hahaha, Koi nahi hasega. (People won't laugh) Me:- Or, an actor who plays Serial killers. F:- H.......... *killed 🔪* Me:- And who believes in method acting. Ab bol.... (What do you think....) Oh… Continue reading Origin Stories are often Dark