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Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

I would like to start with some confessions: I bought it because it was a bestseller in the self-help genre, and was on sale. It gained e-dust on my kindle shelf for 7 months.   Uffff! Feeling so light after shedding those of my shoulder. I felt miserable for keeping such a wonderful book waiting… Continue reading Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

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Depression Devours its Host

Depression devours its host. It is a symbiote to your personality. It comes in the form of thoughts but starts to become a part of you. And before you even realize, it becomes so indistinguishable from your self-image that you start to believe it's you. It’s only when you see some patterns you get to… Continue reading Depression Devours its Host

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What you won’t learn at School?

Life's biggest subjects are not taught at school: - How to play or combat Politics - How to manage/grow your Finances - How to follow your own Heart when the authority doesn't conform - (The most essential one) How to efficiently shift from an ideal mindset to a smart-shrewd-irreverent mindset to get your work done.… Continue reading What you won’t learn at School?