How to win anything in life?

To win anything in life, there are 2 players. One of them is always on your side. She just needs your trust to let her control whatever you can't. That player is, GOD. The other one is the difficult one to handle. In most of the cases, this player is the deciding factor because it… Continue reading How to win anything in life?

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Depression Devours its Host

Depression devours its host. It is a symbiote to your personality. It comes in the form of thoughts but starts to become a part of you. And before you even realize, it becomes so indistinguishable from your self-image that you start to believe it's you. It’s only when you see some patterns you get to… Continue reading Depression Devours its Host

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What you won’t learn at School?

Life's biggest subjects are not taught at school: - How to play or combat Politics - How to manage/grow your Finances - How to follow your own Heart when the authority doesn't conform - (The most essential one) How to efficiently shift from an ideal mindset to a smart-shrewd-irreverent mindset to get your work done.… Continue reading What you won’t learn at School?


Suicide is not the Solution

Enough is Enough. Terrace. Night. Standing on the edge, Raj was battling with a thought; the fatal decision was imminent. 15th floor would be enough, he thought and took a deep breath. "Are you sure about this? I thought you adore me," she said. Raj sighed. "This love, I wonder, is the reason. If I… Continue reading Suicide is not the Solution