Wo Baat Nahi

Aaj shanti hai badi in chaar dewaro mein,par isme wo wali baat nahi..Jab khankate the bartan behisaab,wo besuri surili yaad nahi... Kapde to abh bhi istri hote hai,par inme wo wali baat nahi.Bhale hi ek do salwate reh jati thi,Par pyaar ki garmahat mein, no kami... Aaj pura kamra mera hai,par nahi lagta yeh sahi.Jab… Continue reading Wo Baat Nahi


It Sucks (What I learnt in my 29 years of life)

It sucks being good or passionate about something where any kind of success depends upon an element of luck.It sucks being in a relationship where you care more.It sucks having different ideology than your parents if they are adamant about theirs.It sucks being an honest person when the whole society is corrupted and nothing moves… Continue reading It Sucks (What I learnt in my 29 years of life)