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Can you tell me what do you see in this picture?

See the picture carefully. It's more than the dot. It's telling the story of everybody's life. Look carefully and read more ......

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How To Know IF Someone Dislikes You?

Pixabay We come across a lot of people every day. Let it be our colleagues, friends, acquaintances, relatives, neighbours and so on, depending upon the day or occasion. Some of them put us in the best of moods whereas some just seem to be wrong. YES, WRONG. IT VIBES WRONG. Their fake smile might fool… Continue reading How To Know IF Someone Dislikes You?

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Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

I would like to start with some confessions: I bought it because it was a bestseller in the self-help genre, and was on sale. It gained e-dust on my kindle shelf for 7 months.   Uffff! Feeling so light after shedding those of my shoulder. I felt miserable for keeping such a wonderful book waiting… Continue reading Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie