Golden Temple: Peace, Seva and Bliss

Some time ago, don't know exactly when and where, I got a new perspective on religion, my religion. Since then I only regard a place worth visiting again (for worship) when I find a sense of belonging and peace there. The board "Here the wishes come true" is a great temptation, but then worshipping is… Continue reading Golden Temple: Peace, Seva and Bliss


Plight of Street Artists

The bustled lanes of CP never cease to intimidate you. Having an aura of its own, they are full of curious shoppers (window-shoppers too), enthusiastic vendors, into-each-other couples, beautiful ladies, and not-allowed-at-any-happening-place-on-weekends stags. A different feel which only a Delhite cannot distinguish, as it’s our Go-to place, like dal-chawal. Well, there is one more category.… Continue reading Plight of Street Artists