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What should be in every brand’s mind right now?

These are tough times. Nobody knows how to handle it effectively. But an honest effort goes a long way, both in the heart of consumers and for the brand image. Creative strategies, ruthless optimization, and marketing gimmicks have always been the arrows in a brand's quiver to win their customers. However, this is a time… Continue reading What should be in every brand’s mind right now?


Plight of Street Artists

The bustled lanes of CP never cease to intimidate you. Having an aura of its own, they are full of curious shoppers (window-shoppers too), enthusiastic vendors, into-each-other couples, beautiful ladies, and not-allowed-at-any-happening-place-on-weekends stags. A different feel which only a Delhite cannot distinguish, as it’s our Go-to place, like dal-chawal. Well, there is one more category.… Continue reading Plight of Street Artists