Monday Motivation #1

Sometimes when everything seems to be uphill, even a little piece of advice, a random image, a quote from an author, or a scene from a movie can do wonders in rekindling your fire to deliver your best. Just keep your eyes and minds open. Always remember the words of my one of my favourite… Continue reading Monday Motivation #1


A small conversation between an adult and a child: A broken tooth

Child: Why are you crying? Adult: Nothing, just an old memory. Child: Oh! Was it really bad? Adult: Ahh! Sort of. Child: I can understand. I also had a bad Wednesday last week. Adult: Why? What happened? Child: I just fell on my face during a race. Adult: Did it hurt? Child: Yeah! I lost… Continue reading A small conversation between an adult and a child: A broken tooth


Happy Independence Day: Un-shackle your Mind

Feelings of patriotism are engulfing the sky, Let your soul be free and soar very high; Independence is a feeling you shall get Connect within, And it is represented by colours: Saffron, White and Green. We shall remember this always that Freedom was not free. We have already lost many freedom fighters and soldiers as… Continue reading Happy Independence Day: Un-shackle your Mind

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Have you Lost your Paperboat??

"Hey, are you all-right?" they asked the man, sitting all alone on the green bench besides the tree. "Yes, nothing worse can happen to me now," he replied with a straight face. "You never know, there are many birds above," they mocked the guy. And at that very moment, one of the bird did shit… Continue reading Have you Lost your Paperboat??


Sabse Bada hai Rog,kya kahenge log

”zindagi me kuch naya ni karunga””(won’t do anything new) “”kyunki pta nahi log kya kahenge”(as I don’t know what would they say) This line has spoilt, God knows, how many lives, ideas, people. I want to do that, but would I get societies acceptance??I want to marry a girl of different Religion/caste/colour, would they allow??… Continue reading Sabse Bada hai Rog,kya kahenge log