Tears and a Smile

An emotion expressed can be deceitful and sometimes conflicts with the general way of expressing it. A tear of Joy can be a thousand times stronger than a smile (and is never fake), whereas a Smile can be an upside-down umbrella to cover the depression or evilness inside.

Book Reviews

Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

I would like to start with some confessions: I bought it because it was a bestseller in the self-help genre, and was on sale. It gained e-dust on my kindle shelf for 7 months.   Uffff! Feeling so light after shedding those of my shoulder. I felt miserable for keeping such a wonderful book waiting… Continue reading Book Review #2 – Tuesdays with Morrie

Quotes/Thoughts · Travelogue

Love at first sight: Matheran

"Marathon!?!? Is it a place?" was the first reaction I had, when my friends told me that they have planned a trip to Matheran for my weekend trip to Pune. "I am really fascinated after seeing your Facebook check-ins and captivating pictures. Don’t disappoint me" was my only concern (and warning:P) when they told me that it’s one… Continue reading Love at first sight: Matheran