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Cheat Code to Deal with Depression

Disclaimer: If you or the ones surrounding you feel that your behavior is not normal for a considerable amount of time, or you have started to see the world as totally negative and can't understand why's and what's of life, consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Take a meditation course, start doing some… Continue reading Cheat Code to Deal with Depression

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Depression Devours its Host

Depression devours its host. It is a symbiote to your personality. It comes in the form of thoughts but starts to become a part of you. And before you even realize, it becomes so indistinguishable from your self-image that you start to believe it's you. It’s only when you see some patterns you get to… Continue reading Depression Devours its Host

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Have you taken your daily Motivational Bath?

You didn't? Well, don't blame others if they could smell the peculiar odour of your regrets, disappointments and failures. Yes, it is easily noticeable. But more than the others, let's worry about someone more important, YOU!! So, why do we take a bath daily (usually we all do, with the exception of many students in… Continue reading Have you taken your daily Motivational Bath?