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Can you tell me what do you see in this picture?

See the picture carefully. It's more than the dot. It's telling the story of everybody's life. Look carefully and read more ......


She was happily out of reach

The river was babbling beneath her feet, Her lover was murmuring in her ears, Her left hand was intertwining into his right. Her heart was skipping beats, whenever his breath fell on her neck or cheeks. Her employees were getting an "Out of coverage area" message on calling their CEO. But she was never this… Continue reading She was happily out of reach

Musings/Opinionated Articles

What Would I Tell To The 15-year-old Me?

"Kiddo, listen....listen to me carefully. What I'm going to say, might break your heart. What I'm about to say might break all those beliefs that our grandparents have sewn into our subconscious till now. But it's going to help you. I can't tell you the future, as it will create a paradox in the occurrence… Continue reading What Would I Tell To The 15-year-old Me?