What’s Wrong with this World?

It’s sad that it’s still relevant.

Love, Laugh, and Live - Ataraxissoul

Well, everything is OK with the world. It’s just the attitude of its dwellers which is shifting, or frankly speaking, is going down the hill.

Here is an example.

A person “A” was laughing while sitting on a bench. It wasn’t an insane laugh, just a normal one. More of a smile, I suppose.
Oh sorry, where was I, yeah, A was smiling. Just then a person “B” passed by the bench and was totally irked.

“Why are you laughing like this?” B interrupted A with its frustration.

“Excuse me! Do I know you?” A was shocked on reception of such demeanour.

“So, you need to know me to answer me? Are you a VVIP, you superfluous ass?” B was going out of proportion.

“Hey, hey! Mind your tone.” the shock was now turning into irritation.

“Oh! You have a problem with how I speak too. Is this because of my…

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