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What’s the fuss with this love/valentine’s Week?

It's that time of the year, when love is in the air.A day dedicated to different ways of showing love for a whole week. I mean, when would you get that again in a year, officially? But is proposing, giving gifts, kissing the only ways to express love? In many marriages or relationships,Holding their hair when… Continue reading What’s the fuss with this love/valentine’s Week?


It Sucks (What I learnt in my 29 years of life)

It sucks being good or passionate about something where any kind of success depends upon an element of luck.It sucks being in a relationship where you care more.It sucks having different ideology than your parents if they are adamant about theirs.It sucks being an honest person when the whole society is corrupted and nothing moves… Continue reading It Sucks (What I learnt in my 29 years of life)

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Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)

Arranged marriages can be complicated at times. Even today, two people get tied for eternity even without knowing each other.And a communication gap ensues.However, love or arranged, a marriage requires love to blossom beautifully. And who said love can't be found in an arranged marriage? It can if both the people are commited to make it… Continue reading Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)

Musings/Opinionated Articles

The Life Lesson I learned from Tik Tok

Life Lesson I Learned from Tik Tok I don’t remember how I was introduced to TikTok, but the notion I perceived was, it’s a poison and a time waste. So, later, when I thought about exploring it, I browsed it with disdain. ‘Why are these people including celebrities making such cringy videos?’ — My first reaction… Continue reading The Life Lesson I learned from Tik Tok

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To Whomsoever It May Concern

As human beings, it's our responsibility to make this world a better place to live for other living beings. Especially for women. Why especially for them? Because we have constructed a world where: Eve-teasing and Stalking are celebrated in movies Women are subjected to patriarchal rules since childhood (beta, bhai agya, pani do. Wo ladka… Continue reading To Whomsoever It May Concern