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Makhota (Mask)

Hum jis duniya mein rehte hai,Waha charo aur makhote hai.Kuch jalan chupae firte hai.Kuch bin pende ke lote hai. Haath milate, Gale lagate,Khushi me khush sab dikhte hai.Pade jo kaya kal ki jab tab,Chehra bachate firte hai. Kyunki hat jata hai fir wo makhota,hat to chad na pae wo.Aur jab surat hi ho gandi,to kaise… Continue reading Makhota (Mask)

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Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)

Arranged marriages can be complicated at times. Even today, two people get tied for eternity even without knowing each other.And a communication gap ensues.However, love or arranged, a marriage requires love to blossom beautifully. And who said love can't be found in an arranged marriage? It can if both the people are commited to make it… Continue reading Dil Ki Baat (Straight from the Heart)


The Last Letter From His Father

When Sam was a kid, his father used to keep rewards and punishments, a surprise. Sam sometimes got a dessert on flunking an exam, but also got grounded sometimes for doing something good. The only exception was the star (a silver-colored plastic cutout) that he received whenever he gave his 100 percent, irrespective of results.… Continue reading The Last Letter From His Father


Whose fault is it if a 5-year-old kid coughs like a 50-year-old man?

It coughed and coughed, and the passengers on the other side kept on speculating about its smoking habits until they get to know its age. Only weather and DNA can make a 5-year-old kid cough like a 50-year-old man. So whose fault is it? Well, it’s its ancestors’ fault. Note: Maybe we can’t do anything about… Continue reading Whose fault is it if a 5-year-old kid coughs like a 50-year-old man?