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Don’t Hold Back

Is your friend starting a new business or book?

Are your siblings trying hard to make a name for themselves in art?
Or, do you notice a poor boy singing on the streets to earn a living?

What’s your reaction towards it?

‘Ahh, I think he’s good’
‘Hmm, she needs to point her toes correctly.’
‘He’s awesome.’

Do you tell them?

Well, if the answer is no, let me tell you one thing,
He or she needs that affirmation or feedback.

He might be grappling with his inner demons like self-doubt, depression and many more hideous ones.

And your one word can brighten their day.

Or, might start the chain reaction of a positive word of mouth that can help them buy their bread and butter.

Don’t hold back. Just give your feedback in the politest way possible, because kindness goes a long way.


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