Golden Temple: Peace, Seva and Bliss

Some time ago, don’t know exactly when and where, I got a new perspective on religion, my religion. Since then I only regard a place worth visiting again (for worship) when I find a sense of belonging and peace there.

The board “Here the wishes come true” is a great temptation, but then worshipping is more about your faith. No faith, No Guarantee:P

With this new perspective, I went to the Golden Temple in Amritsar and I just loved what I felt there.

Gurudwara Goldn Temple
A golden masterpiece surrounded by a pond of nectar

Sitting on its topmost floor, under the stars with a cool breeze kissing my skin, I heard a message from above (or within, whichever way you look at it), “You are being heard”. For me, that’s the cue to surrender for grace and mercy. (A must at any place of worship) 

But it was the other devotees that made the feel much more special.

All the devotees were helpful to each other but there were three who caught my attention (as they summed up the entire feel). They were sitting beside the exit on the ground floor of the temple (I apologize if I’m naming it incorrectly) and were sweeping the floor as soon as any brown smudge appears from other devotees’ feet. It seemed to me they were among the normal devotees who saw a place to offer “Seva” and grabbed it voluntarily.

SEVA: The pathway to blissfulness

Seva is the perfect word for such feats of selfless service that you can find in abundance at the Golden Temple, or at any Gurudwara.

It makes you feel compassion towards the other beings, which we sometimes miss when we visit a place for personal needs ( remember the aforementioned board of wishes coming true which is applicable to all the religious places, in faith or in print).

Maybe that’s why I love to visit Bangla Sahib very often. Maybe that’s why I’m glad that I went there. 🙂

Ps: My friends were annoyed as I was reluctant in taking souvenir/postcard pictures for my social media/endless-collection-of-digital-pictures. But I think when I got the aforementioned perspective, I got one more. But they clicked a few anyway. Maybe I will thank them if I ever I get a new update on this ‘other’ perspective of mine. Maybe I won’t. 😛


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wow the temples color is such a contrast to the city on the backgroundb


It’s more beautiful at night when the lights are on and it literally feels like heaven. 🙂