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Love at first sight: Matheran

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“Marathon!?!? Is it a place?” was the first reaction I had, when my friends told me that they have planned a trip to Matheran for my weekend trip to Pune. “I am really fascinated after seeing your Facebook check-ins and captivating pictures. Don’t disappoint me” I made my only concern (and warning:P) clear when they told me that it’s a spectacular place with no motor vehicles allowed in the vicinity. The last part really made me google it to find that it wasn’t an exaggeration.

And to be frank, I got blown away or rather, got smitten by the beauty of Matheran. Here are some of the pics and the link to my experience at Matheran. Indeed, it was Love at first sight. <The link is at the bottom>


Source: Love at first sight: Matheran


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