Show Some Faith – (1 min read)

Show some Faith!
Not only in yourself and God, but also in people around you. Let it be your relatives, family, friends or a complete stranger who shows some sign of struggle or talent. As sometimes, some people suffers from a crisis of faith or are at a starting of a new journey in their lives. For instance, when a baby eagle is old enough to fly, its Mom pushes it from the nest (usually at a height). A Mom’s faith that it (her child) will fly, though scared at first, but is talented/capable enough to fly now.

And guess what? They do fly. And even if they can’t in the first attempt, they get enough courage to make it in the next attempts. 

The same way, if you notice a small fight against crisis or to achieve something in someone, give them a little of your faith. It can do wonders for them. If you are a parent then its a must for you. 

Sometimes the faith of someone else catalyses someone’s growth. Be that someone else for someone.

And believe me, anything you give to the Universe, the Universe returns it after magnifying it.:)


Life – An Illusion of Mind

Of all the illusions, the biggest one is life where when you feel like you are stuck in dawn, sunrise welcomes you; where blessings do come in disguise, where nothing is permanent but in a state of continuous motion that sometimes rolls down the hill or fights its way to the top; and the quest for happiness keeps us confused or in a way troll us over and over that is it the journey we wish it to be, or the destination we think it would be, where we could eventually meet the sentence, ” I loved what I did” or ” It was meant to be only for me”. As it’s rightly said, “Life is never what it seems, it’s always what you believe”