Love Should Never Go Unnoticed

Some people face problem in expressing love, some people face a problem in perceiving, but the real dilemma comes when they both are in a relation. The dilemma of not seeing what the heart believes to be true. And hence, sometimes the love goes unnoticed.

These so-called relations could be between lovers, friends, father-son, siblings and so on. Where you can feel it, but can’t see it. And the best way to save the love is to do more what the other is facing a problem with.

If he/she is facing a problem in showing love, show more from your side so he could he/she could open. And if he/she can’t perceive it, perceive his/her love more as there would be a tendency of him/her holding back. So whatever is coming just amplify it with your love.

Just trust your heart… As when it comes to love, you can’t put a logic to it, and it should never go unnoticed. :-):-)


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