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3 phases of Life

I felt like i was the king of the World and then ,

there was a twist in the tale,
left me grimming ,sulking on ground,
my moon turned blue,
and i started feeling pale…..

I tried ,but of no use,
and sometimes i do blame it as
universe’s ruse,

I stood up somehow,
but falling resists
I tried it one more time,
but pattern persists,

felt like betrayed by my own shadow,
or was it me all along??
such critical is introspect,
specially,with no believe within…

but such are his plan,
such are his play,
you sometimes have to be lost,
to find your way,

amidst of all the enticing and pleasure,
i did forgot the difference,
between green paper and treasure.

and den came the phase,
that changed the ending of my tale,
I did get up once again,
but this time ,i hailed.

And all did is looked inside,
and found what he made me of,
my shadow became my friend again,
and all the darkness of doubt just fucked off.

It was just a matter of Yes and No,
and discovering something ,
that you never knew.

As the five fingers of our hands are different and unique,the same goes with the different phases of life.Some good, Some Bad,Some worst.Some awesome and some simply put,most of the phases of or life are quite objectified.either on the result,or on your desires or some other believes etc etc.Based on who you are,what you do,there can be many a phases in your life.

Now, i always talks about how you should always follow your dreams,no matter what the circumstances may be.And i know most of us try our level best too.But quite often,something happens.

Something bad…....

Now, what this “Bad” is…
What is stopping us from achieving our dreams????

Well, according to me it happens at a certain phase of our life.But to understand that phase,that “road less travelled by”,let us go from somewhere we are quite familiar of.

I have categorized the phases in 3 parts.yes only 3.

There can be more,but i think these three would summarize them.

I phase-” I am the king of the World”

Yes ,it is the first phase,”win’.I know you might be thinking ,shouldn’t it be the last phase in chronological order??After all win is the ultimate thing we all seek.

But guys its often the first step when put right or feel right.That sets you in course of your journey.And i call it a win,provided many of us are keep circling around and around in wrong tracks.Nature has a positve and a powerfull tool,that most of the times push us in course of our journies.Either due to some need,by chance,due to someone else(in case of guys mostly to spent time/or to impress girls)etc etc…We call it as “Begginers luck”.I call it natures way of triggering our apetites.

Every thing makes sense, you get compliments,you start to feel that you have reached where you belong etc etc. in short King of the World., as the result is happy. you feel happy and complacent……and then come twist in the tale…………….i.e

II phase……………

Something………..Something bad……..

yes, the II phase is Something we all term as failure. Well for me failure is something else.So lets call this thing as “Something”.. for a while.You might also have used this word before…..

Like something is bad , something is wierd , something is wrong,,,,,

Remember any instance from your life,when you quoted like–“Man everything was going fine,but then something happend”.
yes ,i am talking about that somthing,

That something which makes us vulnerable,
that something which snatches our happiness,
that something which let people say,that wake up,dream is over,blah blah blah…and the famous line ” Face the reality” and blah blah blah….shit….blah blah blah………..

You slowly and slowly starts to loose your temper,your ethics,your moral,your identity,and almost evrything that you were enjoying in the first phase……and then sometimes the inevitable happens…..

yes….you loose your dream…………

In most people’s life,this phase comes even before the first phase.The people surrounding you(The society),starts singing —

its was fate,
it was luck,
the stars and previous birth sins,
were the reasons you got fucked….

and we being quite the followers,or quite lost (how we usually term ourself),,,start following or accepting things. i now its a bad feeling..but most of us get lost during the II phase itself.

“why???? why you did it to me????””
is all we scream………….

But it happens ,”shit happens”….,so what should we do then??
should we lower arms,accept whatever is happening ,and just ask God to do miracles???

Hehe, most of us even dont ask for the latter part,as somehow deep within,we hold him responsilbe for all the troubles we are up against.
and soon we accept whatever happening around us as our fate.

And surprisingly,we starts to feel better instantly.Afterall all the chirrping,hussles,long hours of craving and perspiring for something is gone.But is it how its suppose to happen??

When we see other people achieving their aims,dreams,via facebook,twitter,blogs,Newspapers,we tend to say ahhhhhhhhhh.they are the “LUCKY” slot,they were at the right place at the right time,would have done something illegal,or would have some Jack, and so on…..
but the line that hurts the most is—

“ahhhh, it was my dream too….”,i should have been there ,instead of him….

This line hurts the most of the lot…

But then we think what could we do???They are Different ,we think…

But the matter of fact is,they were the lot who were couragious neough to go for the III phase,and had pateince….

III – Just a matter of yes and no….

Yes ,they just said YES and no ,and it made all the differece.
they said Yes to what their inner voice was telling and No to what the others were babbling. Afterall its your life isnt it???they looked inside themselves,decipher what their heart was beating for,, and then shut out all the noises coming from surroundings.It was a tedious task ,but they did it.

While gouing through phase II,everybody gets on your back,tries to guide you to their way of life,some selfish pigs tries to make mickey of you,and everyone presents you with a set of figures and facts and things they term as “truth”.


and when you lok around,you see almost everybody is following it,but is it what your heart is saying???

I know , i know ,you are down,rather frustrated.Its quite natural that loses seems more bitter after you tasted success.But man ,if you stop listening to yourself who would???

nobody ever said,life would be fair,but neither did anyone said,it wont be rewarding….

Most of the people ,who are right now at the epitome of their lives,were either born very poor,had a dysfunctional family,scary childhood,lots of those “somethings”,but still they resisted the temptation of saying yes to situations and no to themselves.

Mind you its not easy,but Its Worth it…..afterall,some destinations and journeys are really worth it…..

You would be going against the assertive thinking of the society….they will call you madd,despise you at your back,keep pulling you down by saying you are going wrong.But dont let your hearts belief on you fail.
Keep on working,saying yes to your heart and no to the society….

Saying yes to your dreams,and no to their so called reality,,,,
Saying yes to hope and no to fear…

Soon ,your shadow i.e your self believe would become your truest friend,,and the layer of doubt withn,gets dissapear.And one day you would not only get there,but the journey would become an inspiring story for others to follow.And soon,following dreams would become the new reality….

Never let the complacency of Acceptance stop you from going where your heart is telling you to..As if river refuses to flow,fearing it would hit rocks along the way,,it will soon become a lakeand self guilt would make it a dump in future.and it would loose its identity forever…

As Buddha ji sai- “believe nothing ,no matter where you read itmor who said itmno matter if i have said it,unless it agrees with your soul.”

Have a belief,is all what life wants from you.Enter the III phase.the Most beautiful phase of your life,as II phase is already very crowded.

May God Bless us all……:)

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