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suffocation, a word we usually associate with air.
“”hey ,open the windows ! am suffocating out here””

“”I cant learn to swim,as i feel suffocated when i see water””

but seldom do we hear,that a person is expressing his state of mind with the term

“”being suffocated””

No matter how sexy the beach is,you wont enjoy if water makes u feel suffocated.

what exactly is this suffocation then?

well,according to me it doesn’t mean mere absence of anything but a craving for something so badly,that everything else comes second to it.

in normal cases its the air we crave for.whose presence is never felt until we need it desperately .
But when a person describes his state as “being suffocated” then it simply means that something is burning a hole in his soul.

it is something that is missing from his life,and he cant help it or is not able to fill that space by somthing else.

it doesnt matter where he is living,how beautiful is his surroundings,no matter how much money/comfort he has.everything becomes second when it comes to that thing.

but the worst thing happens, when you crave for somthing anonymous.! wtf??

what the fuck is that?? how can you crave for somthing you even dont know??and forget craving, whats the way of getting it,when u even dont know what the thing is.

when you are drowning ,you know that all you need is air.,,so you try and try to get some until you die,but what to do when you dont know?

and you keep on saying ““i know i cant live like this.what should i doas i dont know where to go,what to do??”

well i have learnt that in that case ,just go with your instincts,as sometimes no one else can guide you,and you yourself have to pass through.

just assume your life to be earth and others as aleins,and while you are drowning they are screaming “” go for food go for food”,then would it be ryt to do so.

and may be even you dont know that all you need is air ,bt still wont you regret after dying ,that why the hell i listen to someone else.

as i think
that go find your path and the path will find you,
but not before the time which grinds you.
your scream of help may go in vain,u may feel alone
crying in pain,
but the day would come,after that longest night,
in which you wud like to quit and say
” i dont wanna fight”
but never u dare,
even if u have to bare all,
your wings will untie themselves ,
and not let you fall.

but all that needs is some steps of faith,
and you will find your path before your last breath.

and that last breath wud be taken in peace,
and rest of your life will be nothing in front of this life’s piece.🙂

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