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Hey you FAT ASS give me some space, I need to sit!!!!

And with my eyes playing HIDE AND SEEK,

And the heart feeling so weak,

I shifted inside,

With a sense of having lost my pride.

Hey fatty how are you???

Hey is it a Chest or a Brest??

Would you like to have something??oh I m sorry, I meant “”EVERYTHING””….. And then a huge laugh which could even suppress my wail…

14 years have gone past with these questions or I should rather say something that just breaks me and leaves me with a sigh.

In this society where first impression is the last impression, a person’s dress is more welcomed than his soul. No matter how good a person is, if you are fat, means you have given everybody an open invitation to come and make Mickey out of you.

Have you ever laughed at a person, just because his fat???

Don’t lie >!!Everybody knows that everybody does that>!

But how would you feel if someone laughs at you because you have failed miserably, or because you have been fooled by someone, or because you have problems in bed or just because you are dumb????

Ohhh ya, everybody doesn’t knows that??But what if they will??

Its your problem, not a joke on which everybody could have a laugh. The same way, being fat is not always a choice (sometimes may be), and just because there problem is visible, doesn’t mean it’s a joke.

As you don’t know, how bad a person could feel……..

I still remember those embarrassments in class, in morning assembly, while taking dress and your size isn’t available, when you sit and your dress gets torn apart, and along with those just ignoring those laughs which I knew were meant for me.

Initially I tried to accept the way it is, but later I learned,

“Acceptance was never an option””

You have to fight to make things right or in this game of life you would never get a chance to seek, and all u could do then is” hide”.

Where there is will, there is a way, and I did find my way…and as its said “AGAR KISSI CHIJ KO DILLO JAN SE CHAHO TO PURI KAYNAT TUMHE USE MILWANE ME LAG JATI HAI”” in an Indian movie, it did happen.

I did lose my weight, gained that part of mine which was hiding, but I also gained something else.

Eyes were hiding again, and lips were zipped again, but this time I was not on the receiving end.

Someone said to me that its your new life, but I think its better than that. As I have experienced both sides of the coin, in the same life. And it helped me.

So all fat people out there, don’t feel bad, and just pull every bad word recieved,every tear u have shed,rejecton (if any) and start today with full DEDICATION,not for those who don’t care,but for yourself.

As when that old jeans which was once tight slides down, the smile you have is priceless.

And after you are done you won’t have a just physical change, but an altogether makeover of your soul.

And to all those who just like making fun, just think once…

If your smile could make someone cry,

And makes his life a question,

Not HOW but WHY,

Would “that smile” feel happy?????????

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