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No love lost no love found

May be it wasn’t there,
or was it an illusion??
the need of some1 to understand,
to be there always,havent been found,
but in midst of finding,i lost
not the one never been found,
but the one never being respected,my heart.”

ok in the past posts,i have talked about the presence of love in life and its essence,but today its time to tell about its absence.

love is the most powerful drug,ever invented by our heart,that even a little denial of it has its repercurssions.may be it was the master who invented it,gave it shelter to live ,nurture it,but once its gone ,its need can shatter that house
that once imagined to live happily everafter.

its neccessary more than anything we could imagine.,more fatal than we could ever think,but still we love to have it in our life.

we always hear from starting that
“” food ,clothes and shelter “are the basic neccessities of our life,if u have all the three that means your living,whereas i think its just means u have the resources which would keep u alive.
living a life doesnt mean just having the resources.a robot,having batteries,wires,2 hands ,2 legs,1 head etc etc is not called a living soul,but a mechanical soul.and the thing which separate us from a robo is love and our ability to feel it,,,

so just imagine ,the life without love…..we came alone and wud go the same way, but in between we just want sombody to stay,,
to say goodnight when we lay,
and to hold ourself in periods of disarray.

ya ya i know,many of us at some point of time have said that “”we dont need love“”, “” we are bettr alone””,blah blah blah,,,,,,,,,but believe me you havnt seen anything or anyone without love thats why u r saying those lines…..

i have seen few people is search of love,and their desperation to be the centre of attaraction in atleast someones eyes thereby i know its importance and would like to sharewith you their experiences.

first person:

“i rome all alone in the streets whole day,
wearing a torn shirt,with a lot to say,
but when i get no ears,,
all i do is abuse,
breaking their windows,
creating drama in front of their house,
but no body stands,,
oh ya why the fuck they would,,
for them i am just a loser,,
a mental moron ,who should stay,
as far from them as he could.

i talk insensibly,as silence kills me from inside
wherever i go,everyones moves to other side,

neither do i or love found me,i think ya love is literally blind.

2 person

is an old uncle ,who lived across the street.i knew him from childhood.he was a nice,wise and shy guy who doesnt talk much to people.ha had no wife but a son,as the time went pass by he started to spent more of his time in the park,and can be seen talking to aneone who pass him by.
his son used to shout on him but he didnt care.

the desperation of sharing himself with someone can be easily seen from his eyes. it was like he was hungry for the love and time of his son but when his son was busy elsewhere,i think he just lost himself.

i heard tht his son was yelling,”are u mad??? why do u share about our home problems outside???””
and i was like,people have problem with everything and have the reason to blame everyone but themselves.

he is not mad,just searching someone to lend him ears,lend his heart to him,as its all what he wants.may be you have given him all the luxuries of life, but even a glass made of gold cannot reduce ur thirst untill is filled water.that day i realized the true importance of love.

his son realized his mistake,but ………….i think he got a little late..

so i think its true…
“only a thirsty person knows the value of water,
and only a deaf knows the value,of hearing a sound,
and no one cud ever match the desperation.
of a blind person to see…

the same goes for love,
and its more neccesaary then its sounds,
and only those knows how hard could life be,
for whome there was
no love lost, so no love found”.

ps.: dont deny it if u have it,as its one of the essence of life,and whenever u see som1 known behaving absurd,then may be its not the person but his heart which is going bizzark.

heart not being loved is like fish without water….

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