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It’s never too late

It’s never too late,

Am I too Late?

Is the seat already taken?

Have promises to keep…

Am I too Late,

Was waiting for this moment,

That I couldn’t sleep…

Am I too late,

To describe what’s there to tell,

Am I too Late,

To ring the door’s bell,

The door which would have taken me far,

The door which now seems beyond my par…

Am I too late, to give it one more try,

Am I too Late,

And it’s time for goodbye?

What the fuck I was thinking? Why it didn’t strike me before, I should have been there by now, and am just bragging on the shore…

The war that I got scared of was the one that should have been fought, and is it, too late to go now as the iron might have been wrought?

Well, it’s late now

Nothing can be done!

I am screwed!

Ahmmmm, out of the above three statements, the third one is indeed the most correct one.

“”You are screwed.””Screwed, not because you missed one of the most important things, persons, or, opportunities in your life, but because you have laid you weapons down. And because you have declared loud and clear, that I am Late, nothing can be done, and I have lost it forever.

“”As you lost the battle in your mind”””

Well in some cases, for instance, the death of a dear one, didn’t study for your exam and sitting in the exam hall, killed someone (well, it’s the worst of all) etc, you can say that you are late to realize. But it never means it’s the end.

As a human being, we all have the tendency of regretting about the past, (provided our present is in crisis),

Wondering about the future (well it’s a sort of hobby), blaming others for our failures (most often our Fate), and believing that nothing good is going to happen….

That’s why we are screwed.

When you think you are screwed then most certainly you are. But it’s not because of our past. But because of our present.

Right now, if you go in a little flashback, at a certain point of time, you would have thought, that if I had worked more hard, my life would have been better by now. Indeed it would. But now(come to present) which is full of difficulties, pain and agony etc. Now you think, that even if at that moment, instead of wondering that why things went wrong, you had focused on your present, your present (which was future then) would have been better.

Life is a chain guyz. It’s like a stack of cards/dominoes’ placed one after another. And we are No God. We are bound to make mistakes. Now or then, the cards would collapse. And if they fall, I know it’s heart-breaking, but we have to start again. Period.

If we keep on thinking about the falling of cards, our castle would only be there in our dreams. And as far as being late is considered, nobody is ever late to make his life a living heaven. until you have your soul inside you.

You may not be able to build your castle, the way you would have wanted, but you would build something. But if you keep on whining, forget the castle, you would even miss the house, you could have made.

Sometimes things happen that are very far from our control, but starting again is a choice. There is no point in whining about the past, the excuses that won’t take you anywhere, and the attitude that is full of pessimism.

Who cares if the path was all uphill, who cares the pain endeavoured, the battles most, the opportunities messed up until your present is fucking awesome…..that present is your future if you are willing to tackle that past in your present.

Everybody at some point has to pass through a filter of perseverance, after which nothing else matters. But to sustain and pass through that filter, you have to forgive yourself first. Stop disparaging yourself.

Buddha ji said->

“”You can never change the beginning, but you can always change the end”

It simply states””start now”.

He himself was a prince. But when he realized his truth, the universal truth, he renounced everything. As he realized his destiny, and moreover he chose his destiny.

Just imagine what it would be like for a Prince to renounce everything. He didn’t say I am late or that I have been married, and a kid to look after… he just realized what he needs to do…and guess what…he did.

God’s fables, his plans are most inscrutable, and when they take a turning point in the present, it is sometimes too scary…

But later in future, when you look back, all the dots connect somehow, only if you have followed your heart and lived your present.

You might have missed a turn, a job, a girl etc but remember you are still alive, and your castle is waiting out there somewhere to be built.

Your present might be having its toll on you, but soon it would be your past, and if you survive through it, not only you would make your life meaningful, but also a source of inspiration for others.

“” the one who believes, is the one who becomes””

So never give up on your dreams, no matter what, accept what you can’t change, but keep moving forward. If you can’t run then walk; if you can’t walk then crawl; if you can’t even crawl, keep moving your hands and legs, as it would keep the flame of hope alive.

And believe in him, as you never know, which failure becomes your biggest boon in disguise.

And have faith, that it’s never too late, to realize your dreams.:):)

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