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“Hey! We need to talk”
“Hi!! I wanna tell you something”
“Hi! There is something you should know”

Whenever someone pops these words, a thousand things run through our brain.

Is he proposing to me?
Now what?
Is she breaking up with me?
Oh shit, he knows what I did!!

And a thousand questions like that come and go.

And what happens next? Our inner thoughts break their silence in the form of confessions! It could be a healthy one, or it could either break you from inside.

But what is a confession? What does it really required?

Well, a confession is a way of giving your thoughts, your feelings, something that hurt you or something that made you feel on top of the word at some point of time, a channel of communication.

So, the person (who so ever it may concern) get to know what you haven’t told them yet. The thing which was eating you and your relationship.

As far as the requirement is concerned I feel that sometimes our heart is so small for such things to be kept inside.
But if you want to keep it, and wait for your heart to burst someday without any prior notice, your wish!

Is it easy?
Not at all…not in this world, I guess.
But why?

Why is it difficult to express what you truly feel?
Why is it not possible for us to step forward and admit our mistakes?
Why we keep running from the things that our heart screams at us to do?
Even when we know that it is spoiling our relationships or is killing its foundation, trust.

Are we scared?
From what?

Yes, we are.
We are scared that things won’t remain as they are.
We live in a constant fear of getting rejected, insulted, blattered, or the worst, lonely.
We think that nobody can understand us and in the midst of all these fear, we keep things to our self.

But as a parasite can never benefit its host, similarly these feelings which are never spoken eats us from inside, sometimes in an unrepairable way.

And the things which you think won’t remain the same, aren’t the ones which were there when you were in a pure relationship with that person. Whatever you do, that thing would always come in between, (until you accept it) and would leave a knot in your so-called “good relationship” which you fear would break.

If something is so weak that a truth can break it, shatter it, so let it be……..
It was never meant to be. And the most important thing, the relation was not mutual.

Only you were enjoying both the ups and downs of that relationship, the counterpart was just happy in the ups and not concerned about the downs.

cant you just accept it and move on????
hmm yup u can,but if the other person is a non living thing.because as u have certain things to confess,he/she also might have a few.
you move on ,they also do and things which should have been told are kept at the darkest corners of your hearts.

its funny, but its true…
somtimes we dont even know the other side of the coin as seen by the person to whome we are confessing.
somtimes after confessing we get to know that we wer not the only person who is living with a lot lieng inside.

in midst of all the foolish talks,we remember to say all things that makes us laugh,somthings which are insensible and are just for fun,but forget the ones which could really make a diffrence.

it not only makes you light,but also makes the other person know that whatever you have done,no matter how bad it was,havnt stopped u from being honest to him/her.

but mind it,,after confession,have patience.,,
you have done your bit,,
dont expect anething now,just wait……

as its said if somthing meant to be,it will be..

and believe me on this…if confessions,which are said to be relation destroyer,can result in a relation that is more beautiful,more stronger and more from the heart.

they untie ur thoughts,makes u feel free to enjoy the resonance with ur self atleast.
it may seem for sometime that why???
why the hell i have done that???
but afters somtime it feels like………

“if it was the last time we talked
i m glad i was true
may be what i did wasnt called for
but i dint do it to hurt u
may b the things wont remain the same
but now it wont get worse for me
i did what i had to….
atleast now i would be me,
as earlier was feeling restricted,
the guilt ,the hope ,confusion or whatever it was..,,””

so i think feel free to say what u really want, as who knows what happens next…
just feel ur heart and if it say so do so……………..:D:D:D

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